Digital Scotland19

Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow


Innovation and Transformation


In 2019 we will explore:

  • Public Services:
    What are the next steps for the Scottish Government's digital strategy and Local Government transformation?

  • Citizens:
    How do we design and deliver public services to increase citizen engagement and achieve better outcomes?

  • Infrastructure:
    How can we unlock the potential of our rural communities, towns and cities using common platforms and data securely?

  • The Economy:
    What are the growth opportunities across Scotland’s digital sector and key industries?

  • Skills:
    How do we address the digital skills gap and ensure the workforce is equipped for Scotland’s ‘digital first’ approach?

  • Contact:
    Please mail or call 0131 357 4475 for more information.

In 2018 we were pleased to welcome

    450 + Delegates
    52% Female
    50 + Speakers
    20+ Masterclasses
    15+ Sponsors

    DigitalScotland has emerged as the leading digital transformation conference in Scotland
    Joining up digital leaders from government, health, education, infrastructure, skills and the wider economy
    Make sure you join us for an even bigger and better Conference in 2019.


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For more information on sponsorship and group bookings,
please contact Vincenzo Veglia at or call 0131 357 4475.