The Scottish Government

Scotland’s digital strategy sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for Scotland as a “vibrant, inclusive, open and outward looking digital nation”.

The strategy describes plans for ensuring that the Government puts digital at the heart of everything it does:

“In the way in which we deliver inclusive economic growth, reform our public services, prepare our children for the workplace of the future, tackle inequalities, and empower our communities.”

The Digital Office for Scottish Local Government 

The Digital Office for Scottish Local Government supports this vision by working with local authorities to help drive digital transformation across the country, delivering a digital first approach that enables councils to provide better services to their citizens.

Digital Scotland 2018

 FutureScot is hosting ‘Digital Scotland 2018’ – a gathering of key service providers and users, community leaders, central and local government representatives, digital industry innovators, and experts from the health, education, justice, built environment and third sectors.

Digital Scotland 2018 will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops and dedicated spaces for informal discussions. It will be an opportunity to debate current challenges and opportunities, seek inspiration, and help shape the future.

Who should attend:

From the Public, Private, and Third Sector: Transformation Management, Innovation Management, Governance Management, Programme Management, Procurement Managers, Finance Manager, Chief Information Officers, Heads of ICT, Heads of Information Assets, Customer Service Managers, Infrastructure and Delivery Managers, Strategy and Projects Managers, Strategic ICT Partnerships, Customer Access, Head of Business Solutions, Corporate Services Directors.


We will feature  50+ expert speakers and panelists from across the UK and Scottish Government, local government, and agencies. Leading stakeholders from academia and the private sector. We will showcase innovative ideas and products emerging from Scotland’s digital technologies sector, central and local government, the third sector, and other public service providers.


FutureScot will produce a publication, in association with The Times Scotland, reporting on key learnings from the event. Reaching 55,000 readers across Scotland, it will showcase Scotland’s talent and innovation and feature interviews with technology leaders, disruptors and policy makers. This report will be distributed within government, incubators, and advisory firms.

DIGITALSCOTLAND18 will present an unrivalled opportunity to engage with key executives at the highest level. We are strictly politically impartial and have designed this event to appeal to the private, public, academic and third sectors